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Eursella teaches individual (private) or group classes.  

Meditation Class

My Meditation Class is a moment of silence, where we calm our thoughts and be still.  Being still allows you to bring balance in your life and environment.  Some of the benefits are proving concentration, removing stress, etc...

Sun Salutation Class

In my Sun Saluation Class, we do 12 postures in a single graceful flow.  Each movement is coordinated with your breath. Inhale as you extend or stretch, and exhale as you fold or contract. This class will builds strength and increases flexibility. In addition, we will perform differents variations of Sun Salutation. The 12 postures are:  


  1. Mountain 
  2. Hands Up 
  3. Forward Fold 
  4. Lunge 
  5. Plank 
  6. Lower and Hold 
  7. Up Dog 
  8. Down Dog 
  9. Lunge 
  10. Forward Fold 
  11. Hands Up 
  12. Mountain 

Vinyasa (Flow) Class 

In Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga classes, students perform coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. 6 reason to do Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga:  


  1. You stay focused on the flow.  
  2. It's all about varierty.  
  3. It push your limits.  
  4. It gives you great cardio.  
  5. It's great for beginners.  
  6. Build strength and flexibility.  
  7. Vinyasa is fun!  


Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hours) Yoga Alliance
Black Yoga Teachers Alliance
Texas Yoga Association

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